The Company

Northwest Concepts, Inc. specializes in mixed use retail and commercial development as well as historical (or historically significant) renovations. With 20+ years of real estate renovation experience, we own a portfolio of commercial real estate and land holdings in the path of growth. Additionally, we are unrestricted geographically. Libster Building LLC and Prestige Property Management, L.L.C.  provide support and services for our projects.

We are well-versed in most areas of design and ownership structure. Additional services include counsel in the areas of project and ownership structure for mixed use multi-tenant buildings, partnership ventures and subscription services, association document preparation (CC&R, Declarations, Bylaws, CAM schedules, etc.), budgeting, offerings, joint venture partnerships, T.I.C., capital outsourcing, City, County, and State entitlement services and more…

Although most of our focus is aimed at development of our own product and inventory, we welcome new relationships whether in the form of contracted services or J.V. opportunities. We additionally solicit new clients looking for “safety first” opportunities and provide our associates asset management services for any related real property.

We welcome your contact to discuss any opportunities, projects or services desired or provided and thank you for visiting our site.


Michael Libster